Musical Ronia, the robber's daughter

Videos from the musical "Ronja, the robber's daughter", in the big stage version for choir, children choir and orchestra, which had premiere in 1994 at the State Opera Szczecin, Poland. (Music Axel Bergstedt , staging Eva Kologórska). (Recordings from the performance in the CCH Hamburg, August 1994.)
Beginning: The robbers and her chief Matt sing about the life in the forests and their "work".

Second scene: While the robbers are celebrating yet, a storm begins. In the midst of the confusion Ronia is born.

Lovis sings the famous "Song of the wolf" for her Baby:

Ronia is going alone into the Matt's forest, for the first time. She will meet witchbirds (wild harpies) and greygnomes.

Ronja and Birk wander around in the fog and ghosts attract Ronja. Birk tries to prevent her:

The wild harpies (witchbirds) atack Ronia and Birk:

The song of Matt's Forest is also the final of the musical.

Astrids Lindgrens favorite film Ronia Rbbery daughter from 1984. Most exported Astrid Lindgren movie. Hanna Zetterberg born 1973 in Stockholm, play Ronia in the movie

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